Q-What is the booking process like? Is there a deposit required?

A-If you are happy with your selections and would like to book, we will E-mail our rental agreement out to be viewed and signed. We do require a deposit. The deposit is based on the size of the booking.

Q- What if we sign and send back the rental agreement but have a change in our guest numbers before set up date?

A-You do have ​4 weeks ​before the date of your event to make any minor changes to your order. If you do wish to add anything to your order closer to the date of your event we can try our best to accommodate you, however, it is subject to the availability of the requested item(s).

Q- What is the process for drilling pegs?

A- In compliance with Workplace Health and Safety, cable checks must be done for the set up location before we can drill. MTS can be called at 1-888-365-1172 and MB Hydro can be reached at 1-888-624-9376. These are free services offered by the utilities.

Q- Can you set up a tent on Gravel, or Asphalt?

A-Yes, however there is an additional drilling fee.

Q-How big of a space do we require for the tent?

A-There needs to be at least 5′ of space around the outside of the tent for our pegs. So if you want a 30’x30′ tent installed there needs to be at least a 35’x35′ area.